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In the national level, the Chamber is affiliated to the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI). MAICCI is the apex body of the various state level Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry and is based in Kuala Lumpur. The Chamber is represented on MAICCI as a council member. MAICCI in turn is a component member of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Malaysia (NCCIM).

At the State level, the Chamber pioneered the idea of getting all the ethnic Chambers in Penang to come together for consensus on issues affecting the various ethnic groups of the Chambers of Commerce in the early 1970’s, thus, the Penang Joint Chambers of Commerce (PJCC) was then formalized.

The Penang Joint Chambers of Commerce is an Apex Organization comprising of nine (9) principle private sector bodies concerned with commerce and industry in the State of Penang and the general objectives of the PJCC is to promote, foster and protect the interests of all the business communities in the State of Penang.

The PJCC now comprises of:

  • Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia

  • Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce

  • Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Penang

  • Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Penang and the Northern Branch

  • Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Northern Branch

  • North Malaysian Small & Medium Enterprise Association

  • Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (REHDA) Penang Branch

  • Penang Tourist Centre Bhd

  • The Association of Banks in Malaysia – Penang State Sub-Committee

The Chairman and the Secretariat of PJCC is held by rotation among the members for every two years.


The Indian Business community in the private sector with direct affiliations with the government